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"Dear Dylan, I can’t thank you enough for highlighting my two passions. The recognition for Tri-County Animal Rescue is invaluable for the shelter. With so many new members in our community, this publicity is priceless. You are truly an amazing man! Thank you for all you’ve done for Boca Raton and for me. I’m honored to call you my friend."


Andrea Kline, Resident & Business Owner, 

"Spotlight Magazine has played a huge role in marketing our high-end product line of Digital Glass Art Panels inside exclusive neighborhoods. With the help of Dylan and his staff, we are able to showcase our products to these homeowners directly from their mailboxes. We have signed up a few good jobs inside our first year of advertising with Dylan and highly recommend this new form of direct marketing."


Staff, Alexandra Glass Designs


"My company Bravas Boca Raton partnered with Spotlight Royal Palm & Spotlight St. Andrews in June 2021 for a two page advertising feature and have already received several inquiries for home automation work from both communities. One of those inquiries has already turned into a project expected to complete this Fall. We are happy with the investment we made to brand within this publication and look forward to continuing this partnership in the months to come."


Shawna Simcic, Bravas Boca Raton

"Don and I wanted to write this note to thank you and your terrific team once again for the opportunity your publication extended to us to work with you and your wonderful team and for featuring our family in your fantastic magazine.  As it is, we have always looked forward to receiving your magazine monthly, so being in one of the articles was surreal.  Since the moment we spoke with Brittany, Madelaine, you, and Jake, every interaction has been so pleasant; you & your team have been so great with us and will always hold a very special place with us. 


Thank you so much for all the effort and the work to make this a reality. Personally, for us, after our health battles in past years, it probably means a lot more than to your regular person. I thank God for putting you guys in our path so we have something so special and beautiful as what you guys created that we will save as a beautiful keepsake.  


May God bless you all and your publication. We consider you friends and wish you all the success you deserve."

Lorena Ball & Don McDonald, Resident 


"Spotlight Magazine is a unique publication. It captures both the incredible philanthropy of St. Andrews’s members and the interesting stories of the lives of its members. Members get to see themselves and their friends at the myriad of charitable events at the club. The publisher, Dylan Lang, was kind enough to reprint pages of our semi-annual publication in a recent edition of Spotlight, which resulted in a series of phone calls requesting further information."


Ron Gallatin, Chairman, President, and CEO. Hands on Tzedakah, Inc. (“HOT”)

“I met Dylan Lang a few years ago when I was deciding how to spend my marketing dollars. We bonded immediately as I told him I had a son named Dylan as well. Spotlight Magazine was a much smaller publication at that time, but I knew the exposure I would get by advertising in it would be a good move. Dylan explained to me that the magazine had a strong "shelf life" because people enjoy seeing themselves in it and like to show it to their friends. Additionally, the glitzy magazine would be sent to a couple of the communities that I build and remodel already, namely Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club and St Andrew's County Club. It was a great fit! Not only did I benefit from the exposure the magazine got me, but I also got to know several other vendors advertising in the magazine as well. Like me, the vendors I met through going to the functions and open houses that Spotlight Magazine sponsored were similar to my company and me. They were experienced, knowledgeable, and had a long and successful history behind them. Thank you, Dylan, for your dedication and hard work to not only making yourself successful but helping us continue our quest for success!”

Gary Slossberg, National Home Building & Remodeling Corp.

“I first signed up with Spotlight a little over five years ago, I loved the concept of the magazine, but mainly the commitment Dylan brought to the table.  Dylan over delivered his commitment, and my experience has been nothing but exceptional. We have co-sponsored many events with residents, and I can say for certain that they always look forward to receiving their magazine each month. We love the communities it serves, the events they take the time to do, and its fresh outlook every single month. No one will work harder for his customers than Dylan. He is an outstanding individual that always manages to impress me with his dedication and hard work.  We know that print is not what it used to be, and I have done plenty of print advertising in my years in the automotive industry. Dylan makes it easy to consider it and spend some of my advertising budgets with Spotlight.”

Ralph Avila, General Sales Manager, Roll-Royce Motor Cars Fort Lauderdale • Aston Martin Fort Lauderdale • Bentley Fort Lauderdale

“I have been a resident of St. Andrews Country Club for the past 35 years and must say that Spotlight has been very well received in our community. Dylan has done a great job of showcasing the photos of current events and travels as residents we have taken and adding a personal touch.  His cover always features one of our St. Andrew's families allowing us to know a little more about the family and background of our neighbors that we may never have known. We look forward to reading each publication.

Business-wise, I own Susan Lachance Interior Design. Spotlight Magazine allows us to reach our desired market at a reasonable rate. In doing so, we are able to showcase one of our latest projects in each issue. Dylan does a great job of positioning his advertisers so that it entices you to read it rather than tossing it in the recycle bin and or throwing it away. I am very happy to support Dylan and Spotlight Magazine.”


Susan Lachance Frisina, Susan Lachance Interior Design, Resident

“From the moment Dylan Lang walked into the restaurant to greet me at our initial meeting, I immediately knew what a hardworking and professional person he is.  Being a resident of Royal Palm for almost 17 years, I always look forward to receiving Spotlight magazine each month.  I enjoy seeing all of the cover stories on our neighbors and especially the pet highlights. Working with Dylan on our family cover was so much fun, and we consider him a dear friend. “


Jacqueline Feldman, Resident


“To me, Spotlight has always proven to be an effective advertising method for my business. Our mailboxes are oftentimes crowded with junk. However, Spotlight gets read every month, and in some cases, it gets kept even after it's read. It's always nice to see neighbors being featured. Sometimes you can even learn about a new neighbor or someone you don't know. It's great to know about who lives next to you and put a face to a name you may have heard before. I do think other residents enjoy the magazine. I feel it's relatable; it's an easy, quick read. I think Spotlight is unique in that sense. Personally, my mailbox is flooded with stuff that usually goes directly into the recycling bin. It's bothersome to get so much "junk mail." But, Spotlight is different. The covers are my favorite thing about the magazine. They always feature great photography and usually a familiar face.”  


J.P. DiMisa, President, J.P. DiMisa & Associates, Resident


Spotlight Magazine is a high-quality publication with dynamic content for numerous upscale neighborhoods in South Palm Beach, Florida.


As the founder and executive director of Sweet Dream Makers, a nonprofit organization serving Palm Beach County, I am so grateful to Spotlight Magazine for giving me a forum to highlight our life-changing program and the community members who have truly made a difference. The editorial staff has gone above and beyond to promote our upcoming events, publish photos of past events hosted by our neighbors in their country clubs, and recognize the contributions of our supporters. Our Executive Board members and supporters who live in Spotlight's communities are proud to be featured in such a well-respected publication, and they look forward to each new edition. Spotlight Magazine is a champion of local nonprofits and philanthropists in the communities the magazine serves.


Suzanne Broad, Executive Director, Sweet Dream Makers, Inc.



“It is nice to see fellow neighbors contribute their time to worthy causes.  It seems like there is always an event planned for charities in the community. As a resident, I enjoy reading the Spotlight each month, and I’ve heard comments from many friends and neighbors that they enjoy reading it too.  My daughter, Cecilia, enjoys reading about her peers, the activities they are involved in, and the schools they attend. I believe the residents must like the magazine because they are offering their own personal happenings. I enjoy hearing about new things that are going on, it’s nice to know, and it’s a nice personal touch for the residents. I do get many comments about the ads I run and how nice it is to see the homes that I built in the community.”


Bill Hasey, President at Bloomfield Construction, Inc., Resident


“Spotlight Magazine is a very professional magazine. Dylan and his team are always trying to put their clients together as an added "bonus" networking opportunity. It's nice to keep up with what is happening in the community - especially finding out about social events and fundraisers. Spotlight Magazine covers it all. Residents read it - oh yeah. People are naturally curious. Spotlight has managed to tap into that curiosity to create a terrific platform for readers and advertisers alike. My favorite part about Spotlight is the social gathering recaps. Spotlight is filled with photos of client-driven events. It is nice to see what is happening.”

Edmund Bogen, Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Resident

“It's the best! It succinctly defines a neighborly feeling and provides a landscape of cohesive community inside Royal Palm, which is in the middle of a bustling and quickly growing area. It's exclusive and organic, which creates a unique atmosphere that extends beyond the enjoyable reading experience. It's a jewel, much like the neighborhood. There's nothing like it, and I have heard from very long-time residents that are in their 70s and 80s that they truly enjoy it. It is high end and informative and is a great reflection on the neighborhood. “


Lisa Addeo, Resident

“I look forward to reading the magazine with interesting articles that spotlight my neighbors. I like the layout of the magazine and enjoy reading the advertisers and reading the articles.”


Herman Lebersfeld, Resident


“Our experience was great. Cameron started a go-fund-me for a synagogue shooting, and the article raised awareness and helped raise more funds. We love the magazine it really brings a sense of community to everyone. We get to see who is moving in and what wonderful things people are doing to raise awareness of their cause. We also love the advertisements. I do believe people enjoy it in fact, I think they share it with other communities and friends... We definitely got feedback from our 'Spotlight" article from non-members. Nothing compares to it. The whole magazine is wonderful front to back!!!”  


Stephanie Newman, Resident


“Dylan. It is a joy to know you! You are young and energetic. Your enthusiasm shines. Bill and I enjoy getting the Spotlight magazine and finding out more about the people in our community. We love St. Andrews! It was a wonderful choice for us. Thank you for all of your positive energy!”


Linda Langsam, Resident


“I enjoy receiving Spotlight Magazine for it is a great way to learn about our neighbors. I want to thank Spotlight for putting a Throwback picture of Frank and me from our wedding on May 9, 1987. It was a second marriage for both of us, and were thrilled that we were able to be married for 30 years. Spotlight put our picture in the April 2017 edition, which meant so much to us. This was a wonderful memory because sadly, Frank died three months later.“
Thank you again Spotlight!”

Helene Shear, Resident


“As a nonprofit organization with many members living in southern Palm Beach County, Spotlight Magazine has helped us build invaluable awareness and given us a platform to show the personal side of Impact 100 Palm Beach County to our neighbors, friends, and potential members.”


Kathy Adkins, President of Impact 100 Palm Beach County, Resident


“Dear Dylan, we so appreciate the coverage in your beautiful magazine of the National Society of Arts & Letters events in the homes of our Royal Palm members. It has helped inform your residents of the good work that NSAL does in promoting aspiring young artists. Each year our local and national Competitions and Scholarships are awarded in all disciplines of the arts, Visual, Dance, Drama, Literature, Music, Musical Theatre, and Classical Voice. Thank you for making the community aware of our events and the opportunities that we offer.”


Judi Asselta, President, NSAL Florida East Coast Chapter


“Dear Dylan and the Spotlight Magazine team,

We at the Israel Tennis & Education Centers cherish your partnership and care for our meaningful cause and the children in Israel.  Through the years, the Spotlight team was always very supportive in helping us get our story out to the communities that you cover.  We have experienced a great buzz you have created in helping us establish our message and by recruiting new participants and donors to support our organization.


Your articles discussing our mission and the way we transform our children’s lives are greatly appreciated.  We also thank you for featuring our lay leaders in the various communities and the role that they play in our organization.


Last but not least, it is always a highlight to have you join us for our events—exhibitions, girl’s empowerment luncheons, and other educational and fundraising events.  We thank Spotlight Magazine for supporting our cause and for being part of the ITEC family.  We look forward to many years of partnership.


Thank you, Dylan and Spotlight Magazine team. “


Yoni, VP, Development, Israeli Tennis & Education Centers Foundation


“Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse (AVDA) is thankful for the partnership with Spotlight Magazine and their support of our annual fundraising luncheon at Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club.  The in-depth coverage of AVDA’s event supports our commitment to building better brand recognition and community awareness.”


Jennifer Rey, Program Services Director, Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse, Inc.


"Spotlight Magazine has brought awareness to the Lynn Conservatory of Music. This first-rate conservatory has performed on campus at Lynn University and in various clubs in our community, but many people are just now learning the high-caliber classical music here in Boca Raton. Thank you, Spotlight Magazine!"


Lisa Miller, DM, Lynn University

Testimonials: Testimonials

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